Capitalism and the escape to the commons

Author: Mieke van Hemert

“Before capitalism will go to hell … it will for the foreseeable future hang in limbo, dead or about to die from an overdose of itself but still very much around, as nobody will have the power to move its decaying body out of the way”[i]. In the introduction of How will capitalism end?, Wolfgang Streeck interlaces his precise and nuanced academic discourse with a few stark images which add to the feeling of urgency one is caught in these days. It is fascinating and shocking to read his diagnosis of contemporary neoliberal society and the multi-morbidity of capitalism, but I like to look beyond the decay towards signs of emerging alternatives. Perhaps we cannot move the body, but circumvent it, taking ‘escape routes’ collectively and leave the cadaver to the elements? Before I present my belief in newly emerging institutions, based on everyday experience, let me briefly summarise Streeck’s diagnosis. Continue reading “Capitalism and the escape to the commons”

Answer to “Democracy and its possible downsides”

Author: Alberto Miranda Bedate

Recently, Ricardo Castanha posted an article which deliberates about the possible problems of Democracy inside a political movement like DiEM25. Alberto Miranda Bedate responds to this article by saying: ‘ours should be a work completely based in one single compromise called ‘Democracy’, in my view, the worthiest value of DiEM25. Consequently, questioning an excess of Democracy inside of our movement is contradictory’ Continue reading “Answer to “Democracy and its possible downsides””

A heart for Europe

Author: Dick Pels*

Combating Violence and Fear

If there is any such thing as European civilization, how can we define it, become more proud of it and defend it more convincingly in the current multiple crisis? It is plain for all to see that the European project is now sailing in bad weather, being threatened both by outside forces and from within. Hence perhaps we should ask in a more desperate tone: what is left of European civilization, and how can we salvage what is left? Continue reading “A heart for Europe”

Europe is in crisis

Author: Alberto Miranda Bedate

Europe is in crisis. It is obvious from an economical perspective because the consequences are far more than evident in the common citizen. However, there is another type crisis, particular from this period, less manifest than the first one and barely understood within the general population: the socio-political crisis. Continue reading “Europe is in crisis”